Pat Robertson Is a Big Fat Liar

August 24, 2005 psipsina

I can’t resist stating something that should be obvious.

The Old Testament says, “Thou shalt not kill.” There are no qualifications to this, just a big, fat, simple, Don’t that any non-developmentally disabled person over the age of two should be able to understand.

The New Testament takes it radically further and tells us not to be angry with our brother, to turn the other cheek, to give away our coat to the one who takes our shirt.

Now, the evangelical movement goes around thumping the Bible and proclaiming its membership to be not only Christians, but “Bible-based Christians.” (Is there any other kind?)

And yet Pat Robertson advocates the murder of Hugo Chavez.

Is Robertson lying when he says he’s a Christian, or does he just have poor reading skills? (And by the way, if Robertson is concerned about communism, the Jesus of the Gospels looks a whole lot more like a communist than the leader of a megachurch.)

Even Don Rumsfeld, who is the Author of Evil in the Bush Administration, repudiated Robertson’s statement. If you are too violent and incompetent for Don Rumsfeld, you deserve some sort of Blue Ribbon for Violence and Incompetence.

What really scares me is that Robertson, who is neither an elected nor an appointed official, has so much influence over the Bush Administration, that when he says something violent and stupid, the Administration actually has to repudiate him. I mean, please, Robertson is just some fringe wacko in a Christian-suit. Why even bother acknowledging him, unless Robertson actually does have an influence over how the country is run?

Forty-five years ago a sizeable chunk of the American electorate worried that having a Catholic president would give control of the United States to the Pope. Why do we not worry now that having a scary evangelical in the Oval Office will give control of the United States to people who claim to be Christian but have no regard for basic Christian teachings like “Feed the poor” and “Love thy neighbor” and “Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not steal” and my current favorite, “Thou shalt not bear false witness”?

Why are we not worried about our religious freedoms? Why are real Christians, the ones who try to follow Jesus’s teachings instead of distorting them, not concerned about what Bush, Rumsfeld, and Robertson are doing in their name?


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