Another Boring Somerville Election

August 30, 2005 psipsina

Today there was a special primary to fill the state senate seat of the late Charlie Shannon, who died in April.

I walked into the VFW on my way to work this morning, was handed a ballot with one question – who do you want to be the Democratic candidate for state senate? – and was out in less than 1 minute.

This was a welcome change after last November’s presidential election, where I waited for nearly 2 hours to vote. I was proud of my fellow citizens for getting out and voting, even as I was frustrated with Somerville for not having the staff to handle the turnout.

As exciting as that election was at the national level, it was a big yawn in my heavily Democratic district. Barring the kind of electoral cheating and malfeasance that happened in Ohio, Kerry was nearly assured of victory (and did, in fact, win our precinct with over 80% of the electoral vote). The state and local races were uncontested, except for Pat Jehlen, our state representative, who was opposed by some guy who couldn’t even be bothered to put up a web site. Now, putting up a web site is not hard – it costs about 15 bucks plus a volunteer to write a little HTML. I figure that a candidate who can’t put up a web site doesn’t really want to be elected. Apparently most Somervillians agreed, since he got less than 17% of the vote.


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