Coffee Is Good For You, Part 2

January 12, 2006 psipsina

I generally wake up in the morning with all the fluid in my body gathered in my head, particularly in my nasal passages.  I always figured that our anterior circulatory system, which does such a great job of keeping the blood in our heads when we are standing, is a bit too good at it when we are lying down.  Anyway, that head congestion and the ensuing slight difficulty breathing contributes more than anything else to the sense of brain fog I have in the morning.

I always feel better after a cup of coffee or tea; I assumed that it was because the steam clears my nasal passages.  Now it seems that it might be because the caffeine itself promotes better breathing.  That might explain why my occasional morning Diet Coke, which does not steam, has the same effect.

I am, by the way, not sure about the article’s distinction between “habit-forming” and “addictive.”


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