You Don’t Want to Hear About My Good Day

January 13, 2006 psipsina

(… tip of the hat to the Dresden Dolls for the subject line).

Overslept this morning, rushed through shower and dressing, skipped breakfast.  Remembered at the last minute that I had a meeting with a co-worker, couldn’t remember the time, didn’t bring laptop home last night, so couldn’t check.  Thought I could make it on time, even if it was first thing, dashed out of the house, got to the subway and realized I didn’t have my office security card.

Dashed back home, grabbed security card, dashed back to subway, opened cell phone to call co-worker, couldn’t remember co-worker’s direct line, couldn’t remember main number to company (neither are numbers I ever need to call), called 411, bad connection, called 411 again, no sound on cell phone, called home to see if it was any different, no sound on cell phone, cell phone clearly has crapped out.

Dashed back home again, grabbed phone book, looked up company phone number, called switchboard, navigated through phone tree, left message on coworker’s voice mail, Sorry, don’t have laptop, can’t remember what time meeting is, but I’ll be in by 9:45.  If it’s before that, we’ll need to reschedule.

Dashed to subway, got to office at 9:45, greeted by co-worker, who says, Meeting is at 10:00.  Much stress for nothing.

Day progressed, lunchtime!  Dashed out to get a sympathy card for my boss’s boss, a bag of M&Ms for my gumball machine, and a salad for myself.  All sympathy cards in stationery store sucked – either a tasteful picture with too many flowery words, or the right number of words with some dreadful Georgia O’Keeffe painting.  Finally decided it didn’t matter, picked the card that simply says, “With Deepest Sympathy” that has the least dreadful O’Keeffe.  Screaming toddler entered store.  Decided it was time to get in line.  Mother of screaming toddler got in line behind me.  Person in front of me buying one of every item in store.  Toddler screaming louder.

Went to CVS, picked up bag of M&Ms, stood in line behind 40 people for 5 minutes, decided the M&Ms can wait.  Headed for employee cafeteria, which is in separate building from my office.

Cafeteria had nothing left but crappy chicken Caesar salad, the most overrated dish in America.  Left cafeteria, headed to the Finagle-a-Bagel 2 doors down, learned that not all Finagle-a-Bagel stores sell salads.  Headed to the Wendy’s two more doors down, fought through massive crowds for a salad. Totally wrecked the day of underpaid, undereducated cashier by asking if I can have ranch instead of honey mustard. But that’s what that kind of salad comes with!

Returned to office at 1:10 to discover that 1:30 meeting with same co-worker is actually at 1:00.  Starving, set salad down to eat after meeting.  Went to meeting, turned out to be a waste of my time, went back to office, began to eat, immediately interrupted by QA analyst, who was at least nice enough to come back later.

Well, it’s almost 4:00 on the Friday before a long weekend. I won’t say that it can’t get any worse – it can always get worse – but at least it will all be over soon.


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