The Farm (Shares) Report, 6/6/06

June 8, 2006 psipsina

On Tuesday, the Red-Haired Boy walked over to Orchard Street to pick up the first batch of this season’s farm shares. (I was attending a relatively good performance of Shakespeare’s relatively mediocre play Love’s Labor’s Lost with E. and wasn’t able to join him.)

I wrote quite a bit about farm shares and CSAs last summer, and may write more this year. For those of you with voyeuristic tendencies, I hope a mere listing will suffice:

1 head red-leaf lettuce
1 bunch spinach
1 head some sort of Chinese cabbage
1 large bag of mixed baby greens
1 huge bunch of pea greens
1 bunch of red Russian kale
1 bunch of mustard greens

(The very cool, very rainy Massachusetts spring is extremely conducive to leafy vegetables.)

We tried the pea greens last night, and for the first time, Deborah Madison’s excellent cookbook Local Flavors failed me. She mentioned that pea greens should be stir fried in olive oil with garlic; she failed to mention that the STEMS are tough and stringy, so only the leaves should be used. (Local Flavors is a cookbook about all the strange stuff you find at farmers’ markets, so it seems that Ms. Madison should expect that her readers haven’t the faintest hint of a clue what to do with pea greens.)

I cooked them, stems and all. After the first bit of stringy stem got wedged into those gaps that we both, coincidentally, have between our back teeth, RHB and I threw table manners to the wind and pulled the cooked leaves off the stems with our fingers.. It was fun – playing with your food, but without any adults to scold you.

I’m excited about the kale and the mustard greens, both of which are good cooked into a quick soup with some sort of spicy sausage (kielbasa, chorizo, linguiça, even hot Italian sausage), a little onion, and some canned tomatoes. Sometimes a tiny splash of vinegar or lemon juice is nice, too. Boston’s cool, rainy springs are interminable – the current 10-day forecast calls for 9 days of rain punctuated by one sunny day – and even though in most parts of the country, it’s summer, soup still sounds good to this Bostonian.


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