The Farm (Shares) Report, 8/29/06 – Fruit

August 30, 2006 psipsina

Last year was our first year of farm shares, and we were convinced that Steve Parker did not grow fruit.  Then, early in September, we started getting apples, and then pears.

Last night the Red-Haired Boy went to pick up the farm shares, and we had apples, a small round watermelon, and … peaches!

I love peaches, but only if they are truly ripe.  I have boycotted grocery store peaches for the last five years, at least, because they are always crunchy and sour.  An unripe peach is about as delicious as a raw potato.  A real peach should melt in your mouth from fruit to velvet to nothing but juice.  It should not require an icepick to get to its lovely fragrant dripping essence.  In fact, if you have to use an icepick, there probably isn’t any fragrant dripping essence.

Steve’s peaches showed great promise of being utterly delightful, but we decided to keep them on the counter for a day or two just to be safe.

The watermelon is very cute, almost a sphere, and no bigger than a cantelope.  It looks perky on our countertop.

We also got some sort of greens that might be spinach but probably aren’t, tomatoes, eggplant, and Italian frying peppers.  We also got a bunch of those long white radishes with the pretty rosy tips.  (Note to my St. John’s friends:  these should be, but probably are not, called Eos Rhododactylos radishes.  Rosy-fingered Dawn radishes – I like it!)


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