Man Kicked Out of Gym for Grunting

November 19, 2006 psipsina

A Planet Fitness gym in threw a guy out for grunting. 

As the Red-Haired Boy remarked, That’s kind of like being thrown out of the library for turning pages too loud.  Or, I might add, being thrown out of a baked-bean eating contest for farting.

My favorite part of this story is how Planet Fitness, which bills itself as a Judgment-Free Zone, has this apocalyptic-sounding alarm that they fire up when someone breaks the no-grunting, no-weight-dropping rule.  Grunting and dropping weights, apparently, disturb some of the more timid patrons.

This all makes perfect sense.  Because, you know, an alarm that is”is so jarring it can bring the entire floor to a standstill” wouldn’t disturb anyone.


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  • 1. Heather&hellip  | 

    Don’t forget for the serious fitness enthusiast, PF offers “pizza night” and “bagel morning” LOL

  • 2. Marc&hellip  | 

    Planet Fitness of should I refer to them a “Planet Ludicrous” is what our health minded society has been reduced to. It’s a veritable arena for people who don’t expect much from themselves nor have any lasting intentions of improving their self esteem or overall health level. “Grunting” or dropping an occassional dumbell if far less destructive than pruchasing bagels, pizza, and having your patrons check themselves into a cardiac cath laboratory for angioplasty. Nor does it entitle those incharge of activating a silly better yet moronic “lunk alarm” from sounding after a member displays a feat of physical superiority. Perhaps the founder of his poorly equipped and antiquated franchise had his ego shattered one time too many as he displayed his inferior and pathetic physique to the public. If wonder if he wore a bandanna? It’s really so silly and sad that this protocol and mission statement (Judgement Free Zone)are clearly a smoke screen to maneuver people into a place that does everthing to collect a $10.00-$20.00 membership fee and offers nothing but less than mediocre equiptment, and blantant discrimination against people who want to improve their level of health. It seems to be more important to protect one’s fragile ego by maintaining a state of obesity, and not addressing significant health issues. Quid pro quo Mr. Planet Fitness Founder?

  • 3. Quint&hellip  | 

    Marc, you sound like a genuine asshole.

  • 4. Jim&hellip  | 

    Marc…you are right on. As a trainer at a gym, I will tell you that the owners of gyms like the one in question rely on the 75% turnover rate of patrons who never work hard enough to ever drop a weight or ‘grunt.’
    They don’t get results because they don’t work hard enough, and leave in 90 days.

    Quint…if you focus 100% on your workout you won’t even notice other noise in the gym. I know…it’s ok to fear things (like athletes) that you don’t understand.

  • 5. planetfitnesssucks&hellip  | 

    I see nothing wrong with what Marc wrote. He’s pointing out exactly the mindset of these franchise owners and the PF founder and how they’re doing the general public a disservice by rewarding mediocrity and punishing those who try to excel beyond it.

    PF royally sucks and I hope someone sues the hell out of them.

  • 6. ravensgal&hellip  | 

    I have no problem with this rule. some of these guys sound like they are busting a nut when they work out. Who needs all that drama?

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