Has Winter Finally Arrived?

December 4, 2006 psipsina

The Red-Haired Boy awakened me this morning by saying, “It’s supposed to get warm enough by the end of the day to melt the snow.”

The first snow of the season. 

Welcome to the freaky world of Global Climate Change.  Last week it was nearly 70 degrees (in Boston! at the end of November); this morning it was snowing; this afternoon the temperature is expected to be past 40.

The part of me that worries that the human species has finally done itself in for good is relieved that winter has arrived – the polar ice caps are doubtless melting, but this, at least, will not be the year that Boston goes under for good.  But I grew up in a region of upstate New York so remote and snowbound that news crews routinely got stuck somewhere else on their way there during blizzards, and part of me finds the beginning of winter dreary and depressing.  It reminds me of bleak, dark mornings, freezing bedroom floors and even more freezing sidewalks, constant runny noses, six months with your head down so you can mind the ice, raw red fingers, damp mittens, and itchy hats.  It reminds me of an endless supply of gray sandy slush, tracked in on boots, puddling on the floor so someone else can step in it in their nice dry socks.  It reminds me of the gritty pile of snow on the north side of the church that persisted until June.  And I think as I get out of bed, “I can’t take winter this year.”


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