Than Longen Folk to …

May 2, 2007 psipsina

What do we actually want in the Spring, anyway?  Chaucer says we long to “goon on pilgrimages,” and having just come back from a short road trip, I can’t disagree.  But he also hints strongly that we want to make like the “smale foweles [that] maken melodye, … [and] slepen al the nyght with open eye.”  I can’t disagree with that, either.

But if what I’m observing in myself and my friends is any indication, we also have some strong desire to honor what is best in our past.

There seems to be a nostalgia bug in the air.  Another nostalgic blog entry from Eric, just as I was thinking about writing about my experience at the blood drive yesterday.

Giving blood itself is commonplace for me, thanks to the regular blood drives at my office.  Afterward, as I sat and drank a couple of way-too-cold drinks, I noticed the radio was playing Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ’69.”  A song, itself about nostalgia, which was crazily popular when I was in high school, and therefore elicited a flood of memories and desires about my own high school summers.  It was nostalgia topped with nostalgia sauce with a nostalgia salad on the side.

Never mind that my own high school days were not the best days of my life (close to the worst days of my life, if you want the truth); never mind that I generally pity people who think that they were, because, well, what is there to look forward to then?  Never mind even that the best I can now say about “Summer of ’69” is that it is not Bryan Adams’ worst song.  As I sat there drinking 33 degree F tomato juice, I felt myself tearing up a little, and it wasn’t from the cold.

I wouldn’t trade where I am now for any moment in my real past, but once in a while I have to confess to being a little sad for the past that never was and can now never, ever be.  I never got to be the kind of 16 that the song describes, and never will be.

Why does this still make me sad?


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