The Farm (Shares) Report, 6/14/07 – Abundance

June 15, 2007 psipsina

This is the second week of the Steve Parker farm shares season.  (I was too busy, sick, and stressed to write last week.)  He’s added a new drop only a few blocks further from our house than the old drop, and it’s definitely speeded up the pickup, even considering it takes us a little more time to walk there.  Thanks, Steve!

This morning I opened the fridge to get out yesterday’s leftover oatmeal and thought, Our fridge looks like farm shares.  Lots of green things wrapped carefully in leftover plastic bags.  Steve stuffs the vegetables in the canvas tote bags we bring him, and it’s up to us to store them in such a way that they don’t shrivel up before we can eat them.  We’ve found that the thick, durable plastic bags from Brooks Pharmacy are by far the best.

This week we got:

– Piles of mixed green and red baby lettuces that just smell like gardening
– Smallish collards
– Red Russian kale, a Steve Parker favorite
– Arugula
– Sugar snap peas
– Some gorgeous, very yellow chard

Last night we made a salad with half the lettuce, all of the arugula, and some of last week’s leftover mizuna.  (The mizuna, sadly, was on its last legs, given our crazy schedule last week and our consequent inability to cook much on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  So most of the mizuna went into the compost pile.)  I dressed it with a shallot vinaigrette inspired by Deborah Madison.  Mince a shallot; soak it for a couple of minutes in some white wine vinegar and salt; add enough olive oil for 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil; whisk vigorously.


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  • 1. psipsina&hellip  | 

    Did I ever mention how economical a CSA is, too? I was just at the Copley Square farmers’ market looking for strawberries. (Steve, when are you gonna start growing berries?) One farmer was selling bunches of greens for $2.50 each, except for arugula, which was $4.00. Steve’s bunch of lettuce was probably twice as big as the ones I saw for sale. So I figure a minimum of $16.50, plus peas.

    *Lettuce, 2 bu x $2.50 = $5.00
    *Arugula, $4.00
    *Collards, $2.50
    *Kale, $2.50
    *Chard, $2.50

    It’s hard to know exactly what the CSA costs per week – we pay Steve a lump sum in January, so it depends on how long the growing season is. But I think it’s around $12/week. Not bad at all.

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