Books Everywhere!

July 1, 2007 psipsina

I’ve begun packing up my books for the move, and one fact is inescapable – I have too damn many books.

All books are packed now, except for a couple I’m reading now and one small bookshelf downstairs that has the attractive hardbound sets. So, if you want to know more about me, here’s the tally of my books, as judged by the labels I put on them so I could find things later:

  • 9 boxes fiction/literature/poetry (is that all? it seemed like more when I was packing them – I wonder if there are another 20 or 30 boxes hiding in a closet somewhere)
  • 1 box fiction plus miscellaneous
  • 2 boxes art books
  • 1 box psychology
  • 1 box psychology/religion
  • 1 box folklore (which probably has some religion in it, too)
  • 1 box history/miscellaneous non-fiction (things like The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Salt)
  • 1 box criticism (Theory and Design in the First Machine Age, Edward Said, Walter Benjamin, Eva Brann, and the like)
  • 1 box science/math/money (science here is largely stuff about evolution)
  • 1 box textbooks and other oversize books
  • 1 box blank books (journals, etc.)
  • 3 boxes miscellaneous stuff that probably belongs in another box that I’d already sealed (these boxes have a lot of criticism, some travel books, folklore, fiction, children’s literature …)
  • 1 box Great Books (things I associate with St. John’s)

So that’s, what, 25 boxes?

The cookbooks and books on nutrition got packed separately, and some of those belong to the Red-Haired Boy. I’d say between us we have about 3 to 4 boxes of books about eating.

There are also three boxes of books I hope to sell to the Harvard Bookstore, including virtually everything I have about weddings, a lot of novelty books that were fun to read once, and a fair handful of “guilt” books (you know, the ones you are always meaning to read because you know you should read them and you’d be a better and more intelligent person if you did read them, but when it’s time to pick out a new book something else always looks more interesting.) I am unloading a lot of guilt books in the hopes that, in my new house, the Guilt Monster will not rear its head at me every time I peruse the shelves.


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