Local Woman Screwed – Again and Again – by Clothing Industry

July 15, 2007 psipsina

Excuses, excuses!

Since I first started buying my own clothes, I thought I’d heard all the excuses for the clothing industry discriminating against women.

First it was clothing designers who failed to put pockets in dresses or jackets because it “ruined the line.”  This has always irritated me – an empty pocket doesn’t “ruin the line,” so please design your clothes with a damn pocket and let me decide whether to ruin the line by putting anything in it.  Once I buy the garment from you, it’s mine, not yours, so stop acting like it’s some sacred work of art instead of my personal property.

Then it was dry cleaners who charged $10.00 to clean a woman’s shirt but only 99 cents for a comparable man’s shirt because “women’s shirts have more details that make them harder to clean.”  This phenomenon has been commented on sufficiently elsewhere; suffice it to say, it is unfair to penalize all women because some women have a thing for ruffles.  Why not charge everyone ten times more and say it’s because some shirts are hard to clean?  It makes an identical amount of sense.

So I though I’d heard them all, but today Eddie Bauer sprung a new one on me.  They will hem men’s pants but not women’s!

Background here:  several months ago I bought two great pairs of jeans from an Eddie Bauer retail store and loved everything about them except the length.  The inseam on a pair of petite EB natural fit jeans is 29″, and I need about a 27 1/2.”

Since it is rare for me to find a pair of jeans that fits my relatively small waist and my relatively huge thighs and ass, I decided to suck it up and walk on my hems, even though that made me look like a teenager.  Then I heard that Eddie Bauer offers hemming on online orders!  It was like my dream come true.

Because of the aforementioned huge thighs, I wear through a pair of jeans pretty quickly – they always develop holes and tears in embarrassing places from my thighs rubbing together.  So today, I decided it was time to try out a new pair of custom hemmed Eddie Bauer jeans.

Here’s what I found on their website:

Sorry, we don’t offer hemming on women’s pants.The reason why we can offer custom hemming on men’s pants and not on women’s pants is simple. Most men’s pants have the same measurement at the calf, knee and bottom opening. Women’s pants tend to be tapered closer to the ankle. Men’s pants are usually lined only in the front, women’s are usually fully lined. Knowing your inseam is also very important, and few women do because it usually isn’t necessary.

So, depending on the amount of hemming, it is unlikely that the fit would be consistent with the pant’s [sic] original silhouette. That would cause us to deliver products that would fail to meet your expectations. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

In other words, Eddie Bauer won’t hem women’s pants because it will “ruin the line.”  Note also the suggestion of female incompetence conveyed by the notion that women don’t know their inseam length.  Maybe not, but I do own a tape measure, which is not something I can say about most men I know.

So let me thumb my nose back at Eddie Bauer:

Sorry, I do not do business with companies that do not offer the same level of service to women as they do to men. 

The reason why is because I’m sick of paying more for less from the garment industry.  Most women need an inseam other than the 29″, 32″ or 35″ that you offer, because our heights vary,  just the way men’s do. Women over the age of 22 generally don’t want to walk around on their hems. I don’t give a rat’s ass about pants linings or any other design details that make women’s pants harder to hem; you designed the pants, morons, so figuring out how to hem them is your problem. Any woman with a tape measure and a third grade education is capable of determining her inseam.

As for the original silhouette, once you have charged my credit card, they are mine, not yours, so I don’t care what you think the silhouette should be.  I don’t really care about what they look like at the bottom, as long as they fit my waist, butt, and thighs and don’t trip me when I walk.

In short, fuck you, Eddie Bauer.  I’m going to Land’s End now.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


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