Quoting without attribution

July 24, 2007 psipsina

Today I searched on “Eddie Bauer hemming” because I was wondering why my Eddie Bauer rant hasn’t gotten very many hits; I wondered if it was showing up on Google.  I found this, dated July 16, 2007:


It looks an awful lot like my rant, dated July 15, 2007.  Exactly like it, in fact.  Word for word, including my italics and my hyperlinks.  The scumbagclothing site has copied my original work, word for word, without attribution.

As near as I can tell, the site uses some kind of RSS bot to troll the web.  Hey, that’s cool, I’d be happy for the publicity, if they’d just attribute it to me.  I posted a polite comment, but apparently the blog has comment moderation, which seems bizarre for a blog that doesn’t seem to be the work of a human being.  At least, not the original work of a single human being.

The real slap in the face is that, when you google “Eddie Bauer hemming,” you get scumbag’s copy of my work, not my blog.

That’s why I’m not getting any hits.  I went through the first ten pages of google results, and didn’t find my blog at all.  Scumbag is sucking them away from me.


Without a lot of effort and expense, I probably have no legal recourse against the scumbag people, and it’s probably not that important to me, but it does cheese me off a bit.  I rather liked that rant, and I sort of hoped it would get some attention.


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  • 1. G&hellip  | 

    That does suck but in all regard, ranting about being ripped off from another rant is just as sexy

  • 2. psipsina&hellip  | 

    Thanks for your comment, G. But this post isn’t merely a rant. It accomplishes two purposes – one, I am now showing up on google searches for “Eddie Bauer hemming,” and two, because it has the wordpress “clothes” tag, it now appears on the scumbag blog, thereby showing all their readers that scumbag rips off other people’s work. Sexy? Maybe not. But I think it’s kind of clever, and it’s the cheapest recompense I can think of.

    I was having this little fantasy this morning about writing a new post every day about scumbag’s plagiarism, tagging them with “clothes,” so that the scumbag blog would have new post every single day about what, well, scumbags they are. But that seems like too much work, and it chokes my blog with bitterness.

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