Thumbs Down: UPS

August 24, 2007 psipsina

Today I went to to track a package that is overdue by a couple of days.  It turns out that someone at my office building refused to sign for the package.  I have no idea who, or why.

I called UPS, and they have no idea who it was, either.

I asked them why it is that they make me sign to accept a package, but they don’t make people sign to refuse a package.  I mean, this package was from  It could’ve been a lifesaving medication (it wasn’t) or an item that is sensitive to heat (it was), and they just let some random unnamed person refuse it?  I can ask for to ship it again, but what if it goes to the same unnamed person?  I have no way of informing them that I am expecting it and would like to sign for it myself if they do not wish to sign for it.

And why, for heaven’s sake, do they not require the shipper to put the recipient’s phone number on the package?  One phone call to me was all it would’ve taken to prevent this.

I find that UPS is good, even great, at delivering packages when everything goes right, but they really suck when even the tiniest little thing goes wrong.

Two summers ago, I was in Santa Fe for a week and had several bottles of wine shipped home from a local winery.  I inadvertently gave the winery the wrong ZIP code, and somehow my package ended up being delivered somewhere else.  This is completely ridiculous, because UPS has access to the US ZIP code databases.  I know this, because if you put in a wrong ZIP code on their web site, they will offer you the correct one.  So why they couldn’t have checked the ZIP code is beyond me.  Or perhaps they could’ve contacted the shipper, who might possibly have known how to get hold of me.  No, they just ended up delivering the package to some town that wasn’t even in the bad ZIP code.  Furthermore, in spite of the fact that the package was marked “signature required,” their tracking database indicated that the package had been left by the garage.

Which for all I knew was in the sun.  In July.

I kicked and screamed and shouted and pleaded for at least a week until I got UPS to send a driver back out there to retrieve my package.  I fretted for a couple of days – what if the resident of that house had opened the package and was enjoying my wine? – but eventually the package arrived.  At least one of the bottles was corked, though.

I still don’t hate UPS as much as I do the Postal Service, though.  But that’s faint praise, isn’t it?


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  • 1. Steve Smith&hellip  | 

    I run the shipping department at my company and I concur: UPS is one of the most annoying companies in the known universe! Unfortunately, all the other shipping companies are just as bad. 😦


  • 2. MojoDojo&hellip  | 

    You cannot force someone to sign for something they are refusing. I know it is a pain and I am going through crap with UPS now (how I found your post on Google) but think about it. UPS or anyone cannot force someone to sign if they do not take a package.

  • 3. psipsina&hellip  | 

    Mojo – you’re probably right. However, you can ask for the name of the person refusing the order. I know that you can’t force them to give you their name, either, but most people will give their names when asked.

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