Dear Craigslist buyers

September 17, 2008 psipsina

Dear Craigslist buyers,

Let’s get a few things straight here.

1.  If you and I have agreed upon a specific time for you to come look at or pick up an item, I am arranging my life around being home at least 15 minutes before you say you’re showing up and sticking around for at least a half hour after the appointed time in case you are either early or late.  I am extending you the courtesy of being at my house for 45 minutes, during which I can’t leave lest you show up.  So extend me the return courtesy of either showing up or calling me to say you’ve been delayed or aren’t coming.  That’s why I am entrusting you, a complete stranger, with my phone number.

2.  I am not a warehouse.  If I’ve priced a bulky item at $10, it’s because I need it out of my house.  I am not holding onto it for you for 3 days because you can’t make it to my place until the weekend, especially because I don’t know if you’re even going to bother to show up (see item 1).  Somebody who wants it tonight gets first dibs.  If you can’t come until Saturday, check back on Saturday to see if my listing is still up.

3.  Coming over and looking to decide if the item is in acceptable condition is fine.  But I post the dimensions of items for sale so you don’t have to come over and look at it to see if it will fit and then tell me you think it’s too big.  Home Depot has tape measures for as little as $5 – get one and measure your space before you respond to my ad.

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to doing business with you in the future.


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